Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Advanced Text Effects

In Adobe Illustrator, Tutorialsby Jason Secrest


In this Adobe Illustrator CC Text Effect tutorial we will be going through a process on giving you the completed built resource so we can spend time just applying the effects. This goes through some procedures that are a little more advanced, but if you are new I still think you can work your way through the tutorial.

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Offset Paths can go inside or outside of a shape. They are different from adding on a stroke since they are already in shape form rather than a stroke which has to be expanded. This is great for immediate use in pathfinder and applying effects.


Be aware of my mouse clicks or my lack of mouse clicks after applying offset paths. They will group if you click off and will have the same color as the shape you added them to, which makes them hard to grab.


The appearance panel does quite a bit in this tutorial. We will be adding effects such as halftones, drop shadows, and inner glows. You can edit and adjust each effect and even a combination of effects within the appearance panel.


Offset Paths Background Shape

There are a total of 6 offset paths for the background layer. Each offset path will be added on to the previous shape. Use the direction on the file for the specific numbers for each offset path. The smallest is .025 and the largest is .25. A majority of the offset paths are .05. Use your arrow keys to nudge the large shapes and halftone paths into position.

Drop Shadow using Shapes

The drop shadow effects works very much like the offset paths we have been creating. In fact you can use the same process and just nudge over an offset path. Adjust the effect to the ones on the resource file. Expand Appearance – Ungroup. Use the Shape Builder tool (holding alt/option) to delete the unnecessary shapes.

Color Halftone & Gradients

Use a solid or gradient using a midtone gray color. Go up to Effect – Pixelate – Color Halftone. We are using 8 as the radius. Changing this will change the size of the dots in the halftone. The gray will leave some space around each dot. The darker it gets the more the halftone dots will merge together. Go through the video to set up the preferences in Live Paint and save the Preset!

Stylize Drop Shadow

2. Select the Background Offset shape we just created. Select Effect – Stylize – Drop Shadow. We want Multiply – A light gray color. Opacity 75% X: 0 Y: 0.1 Blur: 0.1

Highlight using 2 Compound Paths

4. Do this on its own layer above. Duplicate the main text shapes and create a slight Offset Path of -.025. While still selected change color and make a compound path. Object – Compound Path- Make. Copy Paste in FRONT. Make a compound shape and color the base color. Nudge down shape with your cursor. Select both shapes and click Minus Front in Pathfinder.

Inner Glows

The main text will be getting an Inner Glow effect. You can make the shape a coumpound shape after uniting it in Pathfinder. Adjust the Inner Glow to the desired amount. The tutorial keeps it as a highlight and in the center. The bonus round we will use this same effect and add on a color halftone effect the inner glow..