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In this Adobe Illustrator CC Text Effect tutorial we will be going through a new process on giving you the completed built resource so we can spend time just applying the effects. This does cover quite a few of the most common questions I get in Illustrator from compound paths, pathfinder, and the appearance panel. I really enjoy doing these, make sure you leave a comment on YouTube if you have any text effects or suggestions.

Create More Sticker


Offset Paths can go inside or outside of a shape. They are different from adding on a stroke since they are already in shape form rather than a stroke which has to be expanded. This is great for immediate use in pathfinder.


We will be using stroke panel to align strokes to the inside and outside edge of the two major shapes of the main text and offset path.


The appearance panel does quite a bit in this tutorial. We will be adding effects such as a drop shadow. We will also be adding strokes aligned to the outside and a layer style to a 2nd fill with a gradient.


Offset Path Background Shape

1. Duplicate out the shape layer. Color the layer below off white. Select Object – Path – Offset Path. Make the Offset Path .15 inches with rounded corners. Select All and Unite using Pathfinder. Fill in any stay gaps.

Drop Shadow using Shapes

3. Duplicate the main text color by edit copy. Edit paste in BACK. While the text is still selected change the color to the light blue and make the shape a compound shape. Nudge the shape down with your cursor arrows. Select everything and click Pathfinder Merge to clean up the overlapping shapes. The stroke aligned to the outside will give us the gap.

Stylize Drop Shadow

2. Select the Background Offset shape we just created. Select Effect – Stylize – Drop Shadow. We want Multiply – A light gray color. Opacity 75% X: 0 Y: 0.1 Blur: 0.1

Aligning Strokes

4.We have 2 shapes for our primary text and the black shape underneath. Align strokes in your Appearance Panel and Stroke Panel. Click on align stroke to inside for the white text. Align the stroke to outside for the black offset path. A white stroke also is a fun look.



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