Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Adding Effects in Appearance Panel

In Adobe Illustrator, Tutorialsby Jason Secrest


In this Adobe Illustrator CC Text Effect tutorial we will be going through the Appearance Panel applying the effects. This will be a way of keeping your effects active for editing later. We will be adding multiple effects to the text all in the Appearance Panel by applying them to different fills and strokes.

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In the Appearance Panel we will be adding on new strokes and fills for different effects we want to apply to the text and objects. The effects are applied to these rather than copying or duplicating in the layers menu.


In the Appearance Panel you will see a Fx button on the bottom. Double check you have the correct fill/stroke layer selected and apply the effect. You can combine multiple effects. Pay attention to ording and how effects are applying to other effects. You might need to create a new fill.


Below we have the order of the fills, strokes, and effects that applied to each layer. This will act just like your layers panel that you can arrange by dragging up and down. The effects on the top will cover the ones below it.


Character Adjustments

Depending on the font and word you choose you can adjust the character styling in the font menus. You can adjust the kerning for more or less overlapping of letters.

Stylize- Inner Glows

The settings will be very similar for both the text and shape. The shape does go down to 50% Opacity. Mode: Screen, Opacity: 75%, Blur .2, Center

Stylize- Drop Shadows

The drop shadow will be the same for both text and the shape. Mode: Normal, Opacity: 100%, X- Offset: .25, y- Offset: .50, Blur: 0 Color Dark Violet

Warp Effects - Arc

Warp Effects are applied to both shapes. This can be adjusted depending on the font and word you choose. Arc Horizontal Bend: 10%, Distortion Horizontal: 0%, Vertical -15%