Getting Resource Folder

Step #1: First thing we need to do is get you all of our resources for all of the Tutorial + Challenge + Workflows. You can be logged in to your Premium Plus account to follow the video or you can click the link below to get your Premium Plus or Tutorial Resources and the Direct Download.

Extract All Contents

Step #2: Be patient with the download. There are a little over 400 hundred files in the Premium Plus folder so it can take some time depending on your internet speed. The resource folder will come as a zipped folder. You will need to Extract All before using in Adobe Illustrator.


Step #3: There will be a pretty big temptation to start clicking and opening files once you have extracted all of the contents. If you click or open the file the wrong way you could get an error message. Once you have downloaded and extracted the folder, scroll down to install all of your brushes.

Website + Member Site

There are two locations to watch the full-length tutorials, challenges and workflows. A lot of the older content is on our step by step page of this website. This will be for beginners and is also shape and pen tool specific. The longer format Challenges, Workflows and Tablet Tutorials are hosted on our Premium Plus site. You will see a LOGIN button directly above this section. The Premium Plus is designed around our Linear Workflow and is the step by step follow. The Premium Plus page goes through all of the new content.

Tutorial + Challenge Resource Folder

Start from Tutorial

First thing to do is find the Tutorial you would like to do for the day. Click on the first video and start watching the instructional video.

Follow Instructions

As the video plays it will let you know when to place or install anchor point guides, sketches, color swatches or textures. The folder is organized by each tutorial.

Website or Premium

There are a few locations to watch the step by step content. We have full length tutorials on the Step by Step page and on the Premium Site.

Properties Panel + Settings

We are going to hit the settings 2x for the Quick Set Up and again after we have gone through all of the Tablet Tutorials and Tools. At the end of the Quick Start Guide we will Set Up your Keyboard Shortcuts and Express Keys.

Tools + Options

We are going through all of my favorite Tools, Settings, Options and the Support Tools that go along with your Tablet Workflows. We will also show you how to modify and convert Pen Tool Tutorials to Tablet ones with our Tablet Friendly and Pressure Guides.

Tablet Friendly Guides

There has been a modification to our Guides so you can follow along with your Tablet. I have included Tablet Friendly as well as Pressure Guides to use for the Pencil, Blob Brush or Paint Brush tools.

Installing 100+ Brushes

Sounds like a hard task, but you can install them all in less than 5 minutes if we add them in your Brush Libraries as a User Defined. There are quite a few Brush Libraries you can install right now. The goal is to install them and save them as a User Default. The User Default process will save time hunting for the files in the folder. The Brush Libraries will Pop Up as soon as you hover your mouse over the User Default in your Brush Library.

100+ Brushes

The good news is you already have them in your folder, all you have to do is download and extract. In the next 5 minutes, you can install of your brushes. Open Illustrator or the Folder (Open All) All of the Brush Libraries will Appear. Follow along to the saving instructions.

How to Open Libraries

We are going to cover the easiest way of Installing your Brush Libraries. Open Adobe Illustrator. File – Open. Locate the Brushes Folder. Pick a Library. Click Open. The file will open with a BLANK ARTBOARD. Click on your Brushes Panel.

Saving User Default

Once the Brush Panel is Open. You will see all of your Brushes. Click on the upper right hand corner for the Brush Menu. Scroll Down to Save Brush Library. Click Save in the Default Area for Adobe. Your Brushes will now appear in User Defaults.

Using Texture Libraries

There are two types of Texture Files in our Tutorial and Challenge Resources. There will be Texture Libraries which will act just like a Fill or Swatch. Officially, these are Pattern Fills. The second is Vector Textures that can be used with Layer or Clipping Masks. We will go through each one and some fun ways of how to apply them to the Tutorials and your own artwork.

Open Texture File

File – Open the File. These are normal Adobe Illustrator files. Once Open. Click on the Swatch or Texture and drag into your working artboard. You might need to drag it in to your Swatches Panel if it doesn’t auto-populate.

Textures with Transparency

It is important to note that the Texture Fills are Transparent. So if you are looking to KEEP a value and just place the texture over it , remember to duplicate the shape or copy – paste in front before change the fill. It will be very obvious if you need to use a duplicate shape.

How to Use Pattern Fills

Once the Pattern or Texture is in your Swatches, treat it just like a normal Swatch with your Fill. It is that easy. Use as a fill or with your Blob Brush to add in some texture or values.

Changing Color or Size

If you are looking to change the color of the Pattern Fills. Double Click on the Swatch itself to Open the Pattern Options. Double Click on the Pattern Square. Select All and Change the Color. Save a Copy. If you scale an object and the Pattern gets distorted, just click back on the Swatch to reset the fill.