Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed in Illustrator as a beginner? Trying new techniques as an experienced user? One of my favorite parts of having a YouTube channel and Website is being able to interact and support other artists and students going the the process. Here are a few ways to get Adobe Illustrator online support based on your needs, public profile, and level of subscription.

YouTube Comments

In the most recent videos, there is a push to watch the tutorials on a secondary device such as your phone or tablet. A high percentage of you are watching them on YouTube which gives you access to immediately ask a question on a tutorial or if you get stuck or frustrated.

This is my recommended method and is the fastest in terms of response time since I am checking YouTube Comments the most frequently.


One of the hardest parts of support is not knowing what is happening on your screen or having a visual to assist. Take a screenshot and post @jason_secrest #illustratorquestion

This will be a preferred method for individuals who are not subscribed who wish to send in an image with their question.

Email Support

For our email subscribers (Tutorial Resources) you will get an Illustrator Support email. You can simply reply to that email to send me questions directly.

This will be preferred for email subscribers who wish to send in an image with their question.


(New) Questions-Answered

New Series answering your Illustrator Questions for beginners or experienced users.


Great way for experienced users to get support

Beginners can avoid frustration

I can focus content on immediate needs of subscribers

How to Ask Questions

How to ask questions and get support to your Adobe Illustrator related questions.


YouTube Comments

Reply to Illustrator Support Email

Instagram @jason_secrest #illustratorquestion

Questions & Answer Videos are aiming to be shorter in length (around 5 minutes)

Be Nice

I need help with in Adobe Illustrator


Are you stuck? Ask More Questions?


Not getting Answers? Ask More Questions?